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ABOUT excel fire group

Fire Safety has always been at the forefront of product development when it comes to extinguishing fires. However, traditional foams and fire fighting products are plagued with toxic, corrosive and dangerous chemicals that have shown to cause major health issues and environmental contamination along with a myriad of other adverse effects.


On top of all this, it seems that most fire fighting systems do not easily extinguish the flames and have great potential to reignite due to the heat.

At Excel Fire Group, we have developed the worlds first FIRE SAND that is particularly suited for Hydrocarbon Fires amongst other things. Our patented Fire Sand is non-toxic, non-flammable, environmentally friendly, derived from nature itself, is an actual natural fire retardant and to top it all off its FOOD GRADE.

With years of research and development, we turned to nature for answers and our inspiration came from the lotus flower itself. The lotus flower leaf does not get wet by changing its surface tension. Using this unique ability, Feniks Global Enterprise has created a unique, patented process that we call HLL “Hydrophobic Lotus Lamination” giving us the ability to carefully change the surface tension of each and every Fire Sand granule, making our Fire Sand resistant to moisture, humidity and water BUT seeks out hydrocarbons.

Feniks Global Enterprise is proud to announce our affiliation and exclusive distributor with "The World Fire Safety Foundation".

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